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Briana Lucero English 110 Professor Stephanie Capaldo Argumentative Claim June 14, 2010 Argumentative Claim This cultural criticism is socially important and effective because of how its advertising is very persuasive towards the entire world. In the persuasive story, “The Cult You’re in” describes the difficult circumstances that is individuals go through in their everyday life. Also, this story very effective in a way where it makes people realize how advertising can stick with you throughout your entire life. As Kalle Lasn is descriptive when he says, “Toys look familiar
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Unformatted text preview: from Saturday morning television. You want them. She keeps pushing the cart. You cry. She doesn’t understand.” Here the readers see how the children are involved and how much the commercials on TV catch their eyes. This is also true with adults when they see commercials television and the adult just has to have it. In many instances everyone in the world is affected but advertising somehow and some way, we just all have to remind ourselves that even if we want it we really don’t need that new car or new toy....
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