ADMS 2200 Marketing Plan 2009

ADMS 2200 Marketing - Page 1 of 27 1 Executive Summary MEGA Rewards Card The company’s target market is the market economy The purpose of our

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 27 1. Executive Summary MEGA Rewards Card The company’s target market is the market economy. The purpose of our company is to act as an intermediary between retailers and the consumer; providing an extensive and elaborate rewards program to customers. What motivate retailers to sign up for our marketing services is: the convenience, outstanding service, and the outsourcing capabilities. Currently the industry is organized in such a way that, if a retailer implements a rewards program, they must set up their own research and development (R&D) department, conduct their own market analysis, and promote various services by their own means. As the world population increases, there is continuous market growth to meet new needs of consumers. This relatively positive change suggests there is a need and place for the services of our company to flourish. We at MEGA Rewards Card are a marketing company. We are seen as a loyalty-based company that offers a full range of consumer profiles by means of tracking. Many rewards companies exist in the market, but not one that combines many retailers into one. Take our MEGA Rewards Card , it offers convenience to the everyday consumer so he or she does not have to carry and, or sign up for many rewards programs. This results in an abundance of unwanted plastic cards. To retailers, the incentives are endless. By outsourcing their loyalty program and join a mega-networked company that takes the hassle out of tracking consumer profiles. MEGA Rewards Card was designed for convenience. This will help retailers do what they do best, target market their customers in a fast, reliable, and hassle free way. Since the Page 2 of 27 size of the retail market is a multi-billion dollar industry. In retrospect of target marketing potential clients, it would depend on how many retailers, a. have a rewards program set in place and b. wish to have a rewards program. The market share our company anticipates will be broken down in time intervals of one – three years. These consist of certain goals we have set for ourselves. This will be explained in greater detail later in the marketing plan, under ‘Objectives.’ The market risks involved are retailers not wanting to join, poor service, and direct competitors. The marketing budget for our first year of business (2009) is expected to be $1,500,000. Distribution of the rewards card will be available via correspondence or by individual retailers. As for our clients (the retailers), we will supply them with unique consumer profile databases. Our state of the art computer software is designed to generate detailed reports; this will make targeting potential customers for each retailer an easier process....
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ADMS 2200 Marketing - Page 1 of 27 1 Executive Summary MEGA Rewards Card The company’s target market is the market economy The purpose of our

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