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Marketing Plan 3 Draft - THE MARKETING MIX PRODUCT...

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THE MARKETING MIX P RODUCT S TRATEGY : The idea for Zapper was a result of continuous learning about markets, as well as initial exploratory research achieved through a high quality idea generation process Health conscious customers are a growing market and Zapper would meet their criteria of an economic healthy meal. It would be the innovator of such a unique appliance. Zapper is meal maker developed by the R&D department of its parent company Kitchon. The product intakes raw fruits and vegetable and other forms of spices, measures it and cooks it in a timely fashion. It also has a mini-data disk which has a total of 160,000 recipes which can be upgraded. The meal maker is timed such that it does not over cook and maintains the nutrition’s and proteins, making it healthy. Kitchon has begun initiatives to inform consumers of the health concerns surrounding unhealthy meals such as junk food and has increasingly attempted to include more brands that offer health benefits. The Zapper product extension to the Kitchon brand will provide the strategy for Kitchon to achieve the top market position in the home-appliance market Refer Appendix abc for customer need analysis, product specification and process development. Packaging: Our production of the container for our product would be designed with the name and logos of Kitchon and Zapper. Labeling: Would contain the logos, names , brands, the place where it was made and the usage instruction of our product. Kitchon can promote Zapper during their own products’ promotion (such as commercials or websites), this will save the time and cost. P RICING S TRATEGY : Need to quickly recover research and discovery costs The product is in the introductory stage which means it is very exclusive We are going to set the price at $799 CAD o Less than the most expensive microwave oven in the market o More than the average price a high end microwave oven in the market
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In comparison to the Zapper, the first microwave oven cost considerably more (ranged between $2000 and $3000. 1 Discounts: To online customers: quantity discounts will be given to customers who wish to be distributors of our products Promotional rebates will be given to customers who purchase our product within the promotional time period given o To off-line customers: Promotional rebates will only be given to customers who attend shows and purchase on the spot. Geographic Price Differences: Customers will pay for shipping Shipping rate online depends on the country only and will not depend on the distance from headquarters Don’t want customers to be discouraged by the hassle of calculating shipping every time. o Shipping will be uniform throughout each individual country D ISTRIBUTION : Kitchon already has excellent channel of distribution and will be utilizing existing channel for Zapper.
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Marketing Plan 3 Draft - THE MARKETING MIX PRODUCT...

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