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Marketing Plan 2008 - M arketingPlan GroupMembers P roduct...

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Marketing Plan Group Members: Product:  Intellibook Part A: Executive Summary  About Dell Established in 1984 by Michael Dell, Dell Inc. has been providing customers with innovative technology and services they trust and value. Dell pioneered a basic business concept: selling computer systems directly to customers. This concept would eliminate unnecessary time and costs of retailers and allows them to give their customers the most competitive prices in the market. The company specifically builds and customizes a rich and powerfully configured system which caters to the customer’s needs, and offers an extensive selection of peripherals and software. Dell has revolutionized the industry to make computing accessible to customers around the globe, including businesses, institutional organizations and individual consumers. Because of Dell's direct model—and the industry's response to it— information technology is more powerful, easier to use and more affordable, giving customers the opportunity to take advantage of powerful new tools to improve their businesses and personal lives. (citation…from Dell cite) This direct business model allows Dell to not only achieve the lowest prices possible but to also respond quickly to the industries and customers changing needs and provide them with products they require. Currently, Dell provides a wide line of high-performance products which includes: business servers, storage products, notebook computers,
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desktop computers, workstations, printing and imaging systems and networking products. Dell's mission statement is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. For more than 20 years, Dell has distributed its products and services to more than 140 countries and territories to customers extending from major corporations, government agencies and medical and educational institutions to small businesses and individuals. In 2007 Dell ranked number 34 in the fortune 500 with revenues of $57.1 billion and employing approximately 65,000 people. This has demonstrated that Dell’s direct approach is relevant across product lines, regions and customer segments. Briefly About the Product Intellibook is the latest product to come from Dell. Dell came about with this product concept when realizing that students are faced with both physical and monetary strains regarding their textbooks. Dell’s solution is a product like no other. The Intellibook is intended for university and college students who have limited income. These students are looking for a product that will help them financially as well as alleviate the physical burden of print textbooks. The price of the Intellibook is $249.99. Dell advertises this product through television commercials, flyers, and
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Marketing Plan 2008 - M arketingPlan GroupMembers P roduct...

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