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competitive advantage - Languageschool/trainingcourses:...

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Competitive Advantage Language school/training courses: consumers could actually learn and control the  language, and this will become one of their abilities after consumer graduating  successfully   from   school/courses.   Professional   teachers   and   great   facilities   for  supporting   the   learning;   people   could   meet   and   become   friends   in   these  environments while they study together. Traditional translators/dictionary: As tools, they are more convenient to be carried by  consumers; their prices are cheaper than language courses; for dictionaries, people  could make notes directly on them; more and more electronic translators have  multiple functions such as games, maps, chemical formula etc; other electronic  devices like mobiles and MP3 could also have translative function with them, which  is more convenient for consumers.
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Search engine/language video online: free of charge, people could use them
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competitive advantage - Languageschool/trainingcourses:...

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