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Hmwk_Answers_Exs_10_20_Pgs_13_15 - remains 17 An argument...

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Answers – Homework 1b Pages 13-15 Exercises 10-20 With Good Reason 10. A charming greeting card announcing an award; not an argument. 11. An apology. 13. An argument attempting to persuade us that "physical intimacy transforms everything and playing with it is playing with fire." 14. Appears to be more of an explanation than an argument, more interested in expressing a certain point of view rather than persuading us of a particular conclusion. 15. An argument: Life passes one by very quickly into an end-less death; therefore, make the most of what
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Unformatted text preview: remains. 17. An argument: Insurance examinations are not easy t ο pass without proper preparation. Therefore, prepare yourself for them—by carefully studying this book—if you desire to pass them. 18. More in the nature of a complaint than an argument. 19. An argument attempting to persuade us that other people's cigarette smoke is not harmful to nonsmokers. 20. An argument attempting to convince us that the benefits of taking the vaccine far outweigh its risks....
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