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Hmwk_Answers_Exs_21_28_Pgs_17_20 - be happy The company of...

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Text pp. 18—20 23. All who love succeed; I will love; therefore, I will succeed.  24. Poetry has been denominated an imitative art. Metaphysical poets imitate   neither life nor nature.  Metaphysical poets have no right to be called poets. 25. All gods are happy and beautiful. Love is not ha y or beautiful. ρρ Love, therefore, is not a g d. ο 26. Humans are social animals and need the company of others to 
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Unformatted text preview: be happy. The company of friends is better than that of strangers. To be happy, humans need friends. 27. To stimulate growth and increase shelf life, poultry is now fed nd treated with large doses of a variety of potentially dangerous α chemicals. We would be wise, therefore, to investigate the risks to us of these new breeding and marketing methods....
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