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Text p. 26 30. Major Premise: All Phi Beta Kappas are bookworms. (We cannot assume that all PBKs are bookworms.) 31. Major Premise: All man-made crises can be man solved. (Some man-made crises—such as a nuclear holocaust—may result in the extinction of all life on Earth.) 32. Conclusion: We can have no ideas of divine attributes and operations. 34. Conclusion: The Melrose Street Nursery School is one of
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Unformatted text preview: the finest schools in the city. 35. Major Premise: Nothing that is universal is evil. (This is a very large assumption.) 36. Major Premise: To be a slave to either money or fortune is not to be free. (The truth of this premise will depend on how we understand the words slave , fortune, and free.) 37. Major Premise: Anything sought by everyone is good. (This is another very large assumption.)...
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