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Answers – Homework 1b Pages 9—10 Exercises 1-9 With Good Reason 2. Premise 1: Atheists do not attend church. Premise 2: Jones is an atheist. Conclusion: Jones does not attend church. 3. Premise 1: It took over a year to finish the post office building. Premise 2: The plaster began to crack after it was completed. Premise 3: The heating system broke down. Conclusion: Someone must have been taking graft. 4. Premise: Dropping the bomb on Hiroshima caused great suffering. Conclusion: We ought not to have done it.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Premise 1: Only those who can quote large chunks of that material can pass a test on it. Premise 2: I know hardly any of it by heart. Conclusion: It is useless for me to try to pass a test on it. 7. Premise 1: All nature is a circle of moods. Premise 2: I am part of nature. Conclusion: I, too, am subject to such swings of mood. 8. Premise 1: Exercise is good for people with that condition. (Assumed) Premise 2: Smith has that condition. Conclusion: Smith ought to exercise more....
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