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Emotions & argmts lecture

Emotions & argmts lecture - -For example referring...

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Appeal to Force/Appeal to Fear - seeking to support a position by means of a threat. Argumentum ad Baculum -> argument from the big stick - a threat is a reason to do something but it is not a reason to believe something. Motivation -> something which makes you inclined to do something Reason -> something which makes a position appear to be true Prejudicial Language - judgmental descriptors which favour one position over another without evidence.
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Unformatted text preview: -For example, referring to the defendant as “the murderer” in a murder trial.-Whether he is the murderer is the question under debate.-Can be flattering as well as insulting. “All right-thinking people are opposed to pornography.”-calling them “right-thinking people” presumes they are right to condemn pornography, but that is what is in question. c...
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