FALLACIES OF RESEMBLANCE overhead - is universal.-Premises...

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FALLACIES OF RESEMBLANCE Equivocation: “If you believe in the miracles of science, you should believe in the miracles of the Bible.” Equivocation -> a key term shifts its meaning within the argument. Equi- relating to horses Vocation job or career Equivocation -> “horse job” Equi- equal Vocal voice Equivocation -> giving equal voice to two different meanings Synonym technique: 1. Highlight the word or phrase that you think may be ambiguous. 2. For each occurrence of this word, substitute a synonym that fits in the context. 3. Decide whether the synonyms have the same meaning. If they do not, then equivocation is present.
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Begging the Question “The belief in God is universal, because everyone believes in God.” “The belief in God is universal because the belief in God
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Unformatted text preview: is universal.-Premises only restate conclusion in other words.-No actual support is provided.-May try to fool you with complicated wording.-We detect B.Q. by rephrasing the premises.-Can also occur if a premise or premises rely on conclusion for their support.-This is called a circular argument or vicious circle.-In an argument, the premises are supposed to support the conclusion, not the other way around.-The conclusion is what youre trying to prove and therefore cannot be treated as evidence. (For those of you who missed the lecture, we also covered affirming the consequent and denying the antecedent; I just didnt have overheads on those)...
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FALLACIES OF RESEMBLANCE overhead - is universal.-Premises...

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