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If anti-gun laws worked, then New York and Washington, with the toughest anti-gun laws, would have the lowest crime rates. But they have the highest. The reason should be obvious: law-abiding citizens know and obey the law. Criminals don’t care what the law is and won’t obey it. So who benefits when gun ownership is restricted? The criminals, because decent folks are disarmed by the law, making it easier for criminals to prey upon them. Registering guns and licensing gun owners won’t reduce crime any
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Unformatted text preview: more than registering cars and licensing drivers now reduce traffic accidents -- which is to say hardly at all. With millions of highly restrictive laws, still about 44,000 Americans yearly die to traffic accidents, while about 15,000 are shot to death. Since there are fewer cars than guns, cars are clearly more dangerous than guns. Should we outlaw cars? Ultimately, “gun control” is not about guns. It’s about control. Beware....
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