Intro to Modes lecture

Intro to Modes lecture - MODES LECTURE#1 INTRO alright whos...

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- alright, who’s here for Modes of Reasoning 1760I? - good, I have the right room. - my name is J. Keeping and I’d like to welcome you to the course. - this course is something brand new: a Modes especially designed for ESL students. - as such, it will vary somewhat from our other Modes offerings, but not a lot. - you see, this course puts us in a bit of a dilemma: Modes is especially challenging for ESL students, so we need to do something to make it easier for you. But at the same time, we have to make sure that you get as much out of this course as any other Modes. - so basically, we will be emphasizing certain things more and others less. We will also be accommodating you more in terms of deadlines, time to write exams, and help with the essays and assignments. - the course is a work in progress, so we won’t be sure exactly how it turns out until it’s over. - depending on how well this course goes, we will deciding whether to continue with it or even put on more ESL Modes sections. - tonight is the introductory lecture. I’ll be explaining to you such things as the course goals, the course structure, how to contact me, course policies, and so on. I’ll also be introducing you to the topic of the first major section of the course: argument. About the instructor: [intro overhead] - to begin with, let me introduce myself. As I said before, my name is J. Keeping. I can’t tell you what the J. stands for, because if I did I’d have to kill you. - I’d prefer that you call me “J.” You can call me Doctor or Professor if you like, but please don’t call me “Mr Keeping.” I hate that. If you insist upon using an honorific, I ask that you use one I went to school for ten years to earn, not one I have just by virtue of having a penis. - you can see my contact information there on the overhead. - please note that I don’t have regular office hours. If you wish to meet with me, you can set up an appointment, either by phone, email, or speaking to me in class. - that’s my home phone number. There’s little point in giving you my office phone number, as I’m never there (see previous remark). I ask that you don’t call me before noon or after midnight. If you do, I won’t pick up. - the best way to contact me is by email. I usually respond to me email within 24 hours, not counting weekends and holidays. - if you have an urgent issue or if I don’t get back to you within 24 hours, feel free to call me but otherwise I prefer you contact me by email. - this course has a website, and the url is: - there isn’t much on the website as of yet, but I will be continuing to construct it as the course goes on. Expect to see course policies and schedule soon. - I will also post selected lecture notes and overheads on the website.
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Intro to Modes lecture - MODES LECTURE#1 INTRO alright whos...

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