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text analysis steps 5-7 overhead

text analysis steps 5-7 overhead - 1 Show that a term is...

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STEP 5: CRITICIZING AUTHOR’S USE OF CONCEPTS Conceptual claim -> asserts that something is true of a concept. - usually it ascribes a characteristic to a term or states that one term is a kind of or falls under another term. “Homosexuality is unnatural” ascribes a characteristic (unnatural) to homosexuality. “Addiction is an illness” states that one term (addiction) falls under another term (illness). - a conceptual claim is one that makes us say “That depends on what you mean by…” Criticizing conceptual claims:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Show that a term is not used consistently (i.e. fallacy of equivocation). 2. Show that a term is used in a misleading way (not how we normally define it). Definition-like premise-> a premise which gives a (often incomplete) definition of a concept. “ Any publication which contains sexually explicit images is pornographic.” Criticizing definition-like premises: 1. Presenting a counter-example. 2. Showing that the definition does not elucidate. 3. Showing that conditions are incompatible....
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