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TECHNIQUES FOR ANALYZING TEXTS Understanding the text 1. Actively read the text two or three times. 2. In your own words, write down the main conclusion of the text. 3. Attempt to clarify the meaning of any unclear words or phrases. 4. Portray the structure of the argument, including supplying missing premises and identifying sub-arguments. Evaluating the text 5. Using the Conceptual Analysis Techniques , analyze the author’s use of the unclear terms in step 3 and determine whether they are used in an acceptable way. 6. Criticize the argument in the text, including determining whether
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Unformatted text preview: premises are relevant, acceptable, and sufficient and explaining any fallacies. 7. Give an overall evaluation of how effective the text is in supporting its conclusion. Presenting your Analysis 8. Review the work you have done in steps 1-7 and correct any errors or oversights. 9. Decide which of the points that you have discovered by the above analysis are most central and interesting for criticizing the passage. Organize them in the most balanced, effective and orderly fashion. 10. Outline your essay stage by stage before writing it....
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