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S10GenQuiz3Key - A1 Youve isolated a mutant cell line that...

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A1. You ʼ ve isolated a mutant cell line that contains histones resistant to acetylation. What phenotype do you predict for this mutant? a. The mutant will show generally low levels of gene expression. b. The mutant will show generally high levels of gene expression. c. The mutant will show high levels of gene expression for only a few genes. d. The mutant will show low levels of gene expression for only a few genes Chronic cocaine abuse leads to the overexpression of brain derived growth factor (BDNF). Given this information which of the following could be true of the brains of chronic cocaine users when compared to non-drug using control patients? T2. Increased acetylation of histones F3. Increased methylation of DNA T4. Decreased expression of methyl binding proteins F5. Increased activity of histone deacetylases (HDAC) T6. More transcription factors bound to DNA During development, the expression of the DLX-5 gene is normally inhibited in the brain because the chromatin containing the gene becomes condensed. Which of the following
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