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Ethical Issues Paper Team A

Ethical Issues Paper Team A - Ethical Issues in Assessment...

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Ethical Issues in Assessment 1 Running head: ETHICAL ISSUES IN ASSESSMENT Ethical Issues in Assessment Patrick Busbee, Jennifer Dunlap, Nichelle Lenton, and Catherine McCarthy University of Phoenix MTE 562
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Ethical Issues in Assessment 2 Ethical Issues in Assessment Since the No Child Left Behind Act there has seem to be an increase of concern with ethical issues involving teachers. There have always been instances in which the ethics of education, student-teacher relationships and classroom practices have been compromised. But in recent years teacher jobs are more contingent on how well children are doing on standardize required tests, which has in turn caused an increase of teachers assisting students during testing, changing test answers, and compromising their ethics, all actions that they may not have taken otherwise to save their jobs. We will discuss topics such as teachers assisting students with answers during test, teacher/administrators changing test answers and teacher personal views on ethical views. Teachers Assisting Students During Testing The pressure that teachers face for their students obtaining a certain level of scores on standardized tests is an increasing issue. Teachers feel pressure from the school administrators and the districts to make sure that the students receive high test scores because of budget cuts and the risk of losing their job. Richardson, Wheeless, and Cunningham (2008) found that 35% of teachers studied had participated in or were aware of testing irregularities including teachers assisting students during a test with answers. Through peer reporting (other teachers telling on teachers), teachers were caught assisting students on standardized tests (Richardson, Wheeles, & Cunningham, 2008).
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