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Patrick’s Answers to the questions I interviewed a 5 th grade student. The uses and purposes of standardized testing 1. Why is it important for your students to take standardized tests? Not applicable. 2. Why do you think schools choose to use standardize testing? Schools use standardized tests to see what we have learned as students. They also use  them to compare me with the other students. Schools also use standardized testing to  determine whether or not we can get promoted to the next grade.  3. Has the focus on standardized tests motivated you to be more involved in your students school work? Explain, why yes or no. N/A The effects of standardized testing on students , teachers, parents, and administrators 1. How do you think standardized tests affect you? Why? Teachers at my school and my parents have emphasized to me the importance of doing well on standardized testing. They explained to me that these tests are used to measure my learning over a particular
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Interview+Questions-Answers[1]333333333333 - Patricks...

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