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personal beliefs on assessment paper
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PERSONAL BELIEFS PAPER 1 Running head: PERSONAL BELIEFS PAPER Personal Beliefs on Assessment Paper Patrick Busbee University of Phoenix Charity Jennings MTE 562
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PERSONAL BELIEFS PAPER 2 Abstract The goal in the educational process is for students to acquire information, concepts, and facts with a clear understanding of the material covered. Therefore some form of assessment is required to gage learning and understanding. There are many assessment methods used in today’s schools but multiple forms of assessment are needed to serve a diverse student population.
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PERSONAL BELIEFS PAPER 3 PERSONAL BELIEFS ON ASSESSMENT PAPER Introduction Assessment is a necessary part of the educational experience. Assessment is used to identify student’s strengths and weaknesses and allow teachers to adjust lessons for the benefit of their students. Lawmakers use the results of assessment to determine school’s effectiveness including teacher and student performance. There are many forms of assessment in which teachers can assess their students; this is a beneficial because students are very diverse. Students have different learning styles in which varied assessments allow students to have the opportunity to learn and be measured in a number of ways. Ultimately, assessment allows teachers to understand our students’ abilities, skills, and interests which will allow them to better chose a career path when the time comes. Positive personal experience related to assessment
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