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review of articles MTE 562 - REVIEW OF ARTICLES Running...

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REVIEW OF ARTICLES 1 Running head: REVIEW OF ARTICLES Review of Articles Patrick Busbee University of Phoenix Charity Jennings MTE 562
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REVIEW OF ARTICLES 2 Review of Article #1 Why the article was selected? The first article I have chosen to review is entitled “Capturing Student Progress via Portfolios in the Music Classroom.” I selected this article because it addresses the use of portfolios in the classroom as assessment tools. This article looks at portfolios in a general education setting and how they could be adapted to use in music classrooms. It also was very interesting to read because I have a passion for music, which is another reason I chose this article. Major content of the article The major content address in this article centers on the types of portfolios that are used in classrooms. Summative assessments is one type of portfolio that is discussed, this is one the most common types used. They highlight specific student achievements; formative assessments document students’ learning over time. This article also discussed how portfolios require students to reflect and assess their work. This article stated that to accurately use portfolios teachers need to decide what curricular goals will best be reinforced by keeping a portfolio. As well teachers need to provide their students with guidelines for portfolio contents, define student role in selection and self-evaluation of the portfolio. This article explained when teachers can use portfolios in instruction and communication. Ultimately, portfolios can be used in classrooms as
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review of articles MTE 562 - REVIEW OF ARTICLES Running...

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