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California Real Estate Law - 5 th Edition - by Huber & Tyler Bonus Quiz – Chapter 5 Copyright May 2005, Educational Textbook Company 1. A(n) is someone who is authorized to represent or act for another person. b. agent 2. When someone simply "appears" to be the agent of another, it is called: c. ostensible agency 3. A real estate agent who is limited to selling a particular house would be called a: special agent 4. An agency relationship between a real estate broker and a seller is usually created with a(n): a. written listing agreement 5. Under California law, a real estate salesperson is only licensed to work for:
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Unformatted text preview: c. a broker 6. The IRS considers a real estate agent to be an independent contractor if: d. all of the above 7. In California, an exclusive agency listing must contain: c. a specific termination date 8. A unilateral termination of an agency relationship by the agent would be achieved through: b. renunciation 9. In California, the Real Estate Law can be found in the: b. Business and Professions Code 10. How many hours of continuing education is a salesperson required to have the first time he or she renews his or her license? d. 45...
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