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RE Law - Quiz 8 - California Real Estate Law 5th Edition by...

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California Real Estate Law - 5 th Edition - by Huber & Tyler Bonus Quiz – Chapter 8 Copyright May 2005, Educational Textbook Company 1. Whenever a document is executed in the course of a real estate transaction, the agent must see to it that each party receives a copy: a. within 5 days b. within 10 days c. within 30 days d. at the time of the signing 2. The Real Estate Commissioner's Regulations require a broker to have a with each licensee who works for him or her. a. written employment agreement b. co-application agreement c. commission agreement d. MLS use agreement 3. When any terms NOT included in the written document between broker and salesperson are unenforceable, the contract is said to have a(n):
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