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California Real Estate Law - 5 th Edition - by Huber & Tyler Bonus Quiz – Chapter 10 Copyright May 2005, Educational Textbook Company 1. The only way to voluntarily transfer property is by: a. deed b. will c. both a and b d. neither a nor b 2. In California, a deed is valid if it: a. is in writing b. includes words of conveyance c. names an identifiable and living grantee d. all of the above 3. A grantor must intend to surrender control and transfer title. This is called: a. valid transfer b. donative intent c. transfer without recourse d. transfer intent 4. The two types of deeds most frequently used in California are the: a. grant deed and warranty deed b. grant deed and quitclaim deed c. grant deed and conveyance deed d. grant deed and sheriff's deed 5. A quitclaim deed conveys: a. after-acquired title b. all interest in the property c. only the interest that the grantor has when the deed is executed
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Unformatted text preview: d. nothing 6. A person who makes out a will is called the: a. legator or legatrix b. testator or testatrix c. executor or executrix d. devisor or devisrix 7. Someone who dies has NOT left a will. a. intestate b. intrastate c. interstate d. intestable 8. is the process by which possession and use of property can mature into title to the property. a. Quiet possession b. Eminent domain c. Condemnation d. Adverse possession 9. When the adverse possessor's claim to the property is based on a defective deed or some other invalid written document, he or she is said to have: a. secret possession b. color of title c. defective title d. erroneous possession 10. The government's power to take private property for public use is called: a. police power b. eminent domain c. lis pendins d. selective zoning 1...
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