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1 Student’s Name__________________ ID______________ Date _______ Student’s Name__________________ ID______________ Date _______ MECH 624 Module 10: Mechanics of a laminate I FALL 2010-11 (Team) HW #14 Date Assigned: Dec 23, 2010 Due Date: Jan 6, 2011 ________________________________________________ PROBLEMS from Kaw’s textbook Problem 4.1 Problem 4.2 Problem 4.3 Problem 4.6 Problem 4.8 (in the second part, for density of laminate, use equation 3.8) ALSO, CONTINUE YOUR CODE DEVELOPMENT AND INCLUDE THE SOURCE CODE AS
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Unformatted text preview: WELL AS THE A,B,D MATRICES PRINT OUT FOR PROBLEM 4.8). Problem 4.9 (this is nice because it allows you to see how the A, B, D matrices simplify in the case of isotropic materials). Problem 4.11 (Bonus problem, I will give you a +1 on the final average if you continue Problem 4.9 by developing the solution for a 2-isotropic-ply bonded laminate. This is useful in many bonded applications where bi-metallic plates are bonded together)....
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