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1 Student’s Name__________________ ID______________ Date _______ Student’s Name__________________ ID______________ Date _______ ME 624 Module 2: Fibers Spring 2010-11 (Team) HW #2 Date Assigned: Oct 7, 2010 Due Date: Oct 14, 2010 ________________________________________________ PROBLEMS 1. Tensile tests were carried out on alumina and SiC fibres of density 3.3 Mg/m3 and 2.6 Mg/m3 respectively. The deformation in all tests was elastic up to failure of the fibres and the mean tensile strengths and strains to failure were: alumina, 1500 MPa and 0.4%, and SiC, 2300 MPa and 1.0%. Calculate the specific modulus and the specific strength of the two types of fibre. 2. The compressive strength of Kevlar 49 fiber is about one-eighth of its tensile stress. Estimate the smallest diameter of a rod on which 18 µ m diameter Kevlar fiber can be wound without causing kinks on its compression side. 3. In order to determine the Weibull Modulus of SiC monofilament fibers. The normalizing strength was taken as 2550 MPa for a characteristic fiber length L 0 of 90 mm. A test was performed on this fiber system of L=45 mm the experimental data results of which are tabulated. 3.1 Plot the appropriate data (on log-log axes similar to that in
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HW_Module_2 - Students Name_ ID_ Date _ Students Name_ ID_...

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