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1 Student’s Name__________________ ID______________ Date _______ Student’s Name__________________ ID______________ Date _______ ME 624 Module 5: Metal Matrix Composites Fall 2010-11 (Team) HW #5 Date Assigned: October 18, 2010 Due Date: October 26, 2010 ________________________________________________ QUESTIONS : Powder metallurgy is commonly employed for the fabrication of MMCs, but only if the reinforcement is continuous fibre. (A) true (B) false In the squeeze casting process molten metal is forced by mechanical pressure into a preform. (A) true (B) false The electrical conductivity of an MMC is usually less than that of the matrix. (A) true (B) false Although an MMC has a higher room temperature strength than the matrix the converse is true at elevated temperatures. A) true B) false For the following statements, one or more of the completions given are correct. Mark the correct completions. Rheocasting (A) is a solidstate technique, (B) can only be employed for in situ composites, (C) involves mixing the reinforcement with solid-liquid metal, (D) is a modification of melt stirring, (E) involves applying a mechanical pressure during casting.
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  • Aluminium, Tensile strength, carbon fiber, creep rate, metal matrix composites, Name__________________ ID______________ Date

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