Lecture1 - Mechanical Engineering M echanical Engineering Tools MECH 200 ME 200 M E 200 Course Syllabus ME Mission Objectives in AUB M E Mission

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Unformatted text preview: Mechanical Engineering M echanical Engineering Tools MECH 200 ME 200 M E 200 Course Syllabus ME Mission Objectives in AUB M E Mission Objectives in AUB Develop in students the ability to Develop integrate mechanical engineering fundamentals with contemporary applications. applications. modern experimental and computational tools in design and Equip students with the ability to use Equip Motivate students to learn on their own, Motivate to think critically and creatively in order to allow them to evaluate new ideas, identify problems, and advance innovative solutions. innovative Instill in students the necessary Instill interpersonal skills to perform professionally in a high competitive and dynamically changing profession. dynamically Course Syllabus C ourse Syllabus Syllabus – Posted on Syllabus WebCT WebCT Text book Saeed Moaveni, “Engineering Fundamentals: Logistics: L ogistics: Class times: Tuesday 8:00-9:15 Class Tuesday Room545 – Bechtel Bldg Room545 Class attendance is mandatory Lab locations: Lab Bechtel Room 108 Wing B Engineering Shops Wing Engineering Computer Labs. Logbook: bound design journal (Notebook) will be Logbook: discussed in the lab discussed Class Instructors C lass Instructors Coordinator: Dr. Ramsey Hamade Dr. boss) boss) (aka: big big (aka: big boss) (aka: Instructors: big boss) big Mr. Ahmad Farshoukh Mr. Mr. Ali Ammouri Mr. Graduate Assistants: Habib Abou Saleh Habib Hussein Ghader (aka: boss) (aka: boss) Ziad Haddad (aka: boss) Ziad Mohamad Hajj Hassan (aka: boss) Class Notes on the web C lass Notes on the web Website: Instruction and tutorial to use WebCT is available on the following link: You will be given instructions in the lab on homework submittals and online quizzes using WebCT 1. To provide students with a broad To overview of the engineering profession overview 2. To stimulate students’ ethical imagination To and help them become familiar with professional value systems and codes. professional 3. To introduce students to engineering To design as a creative decision-making process. process. MECH 200 Objectives M ECH 200 Objectives 1. To introduce students to some of the 1. To basic principles and physical laws that they will see over and over during the next four years. next 2. To foster effective interaction skills for To teamwork. teamwork. 3. To train students to self regulate their To activities and prepare checklists, schedules and plans. schedules COURSE POLICIES: C OURSE POLICIES: Homework Assignments: All class homeworks must be submitted by 4 PM on the assigned due date. Just Drop in the Box of MECH200 in Room 108. Late Homework will be penalized in the grading. are either Individual or Assignments Assignments COURSE POLICIES (cont’d): Collaboration: All work submitted on homework assignments must be your own or in conjunction with your assigned team members, when appropriate. evidence of plagiarism or other forms of scholastic dishonesty will be reported to Dean (AUB REGULATIONS) reported Any Any Deliverables…. D eliverables…. s There There will be 2 types of deliverables: Class deliverables and Lab deliverables. deliverables Lab s Class deliverables consist of several assignments (basically from the textbook), distributed over the semester. distributed s Lab deliverables consist of Pre-lab, In-lab and Post-lab assignments. and Grading G rading s s s s s s s Milestone Assignments Lecture HW Assignments Project Notebook Final Design Report Team Presentation Term-End’s Contest Final Exam Total 20% 5% 5% 20% 5% 5% 25% 20% 100% Mechanical Engineering M echanical Engineering Tools MECH 200 Engineering as a Profession LECTURE #1 L ECTURE #1 What Does Engineering W hat Does Engineering Mean to You? 1. 1. What is Engineering? 2. What do engineers do? What is Engineering? What is Engineering? s Engineering Engineering is a profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences, gained by study, experience, and practice, is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize, economically and with concern for the environment and society, the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. (ABET) of (ABET) What Do Engineers Do? What Do Engineers Do? Research: Basic and Applied Research: Education Consulting and Teaching Consulting Development: Product Design and Testing (software and Development: hardware) Production: Manufacturing Processes and Systems Production: Construction: Structures Construction: Operations and Maintenance: Performance, Service, and Operations Repair Sales: Marketing, Installation, and Service Sales: Management: People and Projects Management: Other Difference between an Engineer, a Physicist, and a Mathematician Mathematician ¢ Mathematician :Investigates properties of Investigates objects and relates their attributes abstractly using symbols and numbers using (and other Scientists): Seek to understand natural phenomena by observation and experimentation, and develops basic principles. principles. ¢ Physicists ¢ Engineer Applies mathematical and scientific knowledge to design economic solutions for problems of the humankind problems Applies specialized skills to assist scientists and engineers in designing and implementing their plans implementing Applies specialized skills requiring physical dexterity to construct objects, machinery, and structures. ¢ Technician: ¢ Craftsman Types of Engineers • Aerospace • Agricultural • Bioengineering • Chemical & Petroleum • Civil & Civil Environmental Environmental • Electrical & Electrical Computer Computer • Industrial & Systems Manufacturing • Materials & Metallurgical • Mechanical • Mining • Nuclear Nuclear Mechanical Engineering M echanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Materials Materials Energy and Thermal and Fluid Sciences Mechanical systems (robotics, control, Mechanical mechatronics, bioengineering..) mechatronics, Machine and Product Design and Development Manufacturing Why did YOU choose to study W hy did YOU choose to study engineering? s s s s s s s Engineering offers personal and intellectual development. Engineering offers a variety of career opportunities. Engineering offers financial security. Engineering is being able to apply math and science to solve real-world problems and understand how things work. The engineering profession is respected and prestigious. Engineering offers the opportunity to be creative. Engineering offers the opportunity to do something good for society. What is a Profession? W hat is a Profession? 1. The work requires sophisticated skills, the use of judgment, and the exercise of discretion. Also, the work is not routine. 2. Membership in the profession requires extensive formal education, not simply practical training 3. Significant public good results from the practice of the profession Learned Professional Characteristics Learned • Recognition as a profession by society and by its practitioners • Education, knowledge, and skills in certain areas exceeding those of the general public • Recognition by law • A commitment to remaining professionally competent by participating in organized societies and continuing education • Adherence to specific codes of ethical conduct Professional Licensing and Professional Professional Licensing and Professional Societies s The requirement to be licensed depends upon the position of The employment. If you take a job in which services are directly offered to the public, such as a consulting engineer who takes on public projects, registration is generally required. A rule of thumb is that registration is required for engineers to work on static items, such as bridges and highways, but not for dynamic items such as cars, airplanes, and locomotives. Another rule of thumb is that engineers who do not work directly with the public, such as engineers that work for companies that produce consumer products, are also exempt from professional licensing. However, any rule of thumb has exceptions, and each engineer should check the laws to determine if professional registration is required for the position held. s s s s After you graduate you have to apply for After Engineering Practice Permit from the ministry Engineering of public works. of Then you apply for membership in the Order Then of Engineers and Architects. of You cannot work in Lebanon as an engineer You unless you are a member of the OEA. unless 2 branches: Beirut - Tripoli Order of Engineers & Architects O rder of Engineers & Architects (OEA) Student Societies S tudent Societies s s s s Many International Societies have student Many chapters in AUB. In mechanical engineering in AUB you can In join any or all of three societies: ASME, SME, ASHRAE ASHRAE Joining student societies gives you many Joining benefits. benefits. There will be a recruiting week sometime There soon, where all societies will have stands in the engineering building. the Societies (cont’d) S ocieties (cont’d) s ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers Engineers On AUB Website: http://webfea.fea.aub.edu.lb/asme/index.htm s s ASHRAE: American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Refrigerating SME: Society of Manufacturing Engineers Human Powered Vehicles Contest H uman Powered Vehicles Contest HPV HPV H PV Field Trips F ield Trips Field Trips F ield Trips Gee Wizz Micro Car Contest G ee Wizz Micro Car Contest Gee Wizz Micro Car Contest G ee Wizz Micro Car Contest Ethics in Engineering E thics in Engineering Why is it Important to Study Engineering Ethics? W hy is it Important to Study Engineering Ethics? What is the difference between business and personal ethics? Technical work has far-reaching impacts on Technical society. The work of engineers can affect public health, safety, and welfare. public s Ethical problems encountered in engineering Ethical practice are very complex and involve conflicting principles where no obvious or clear solution is available. s Codes of Ethics Maintained by The Online Ethics Center Codes of Ethics Maintained by The Online Ethics Center s s s s s s s s Guidelines for Engineers Dissenting on Ethical Grounds American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Code of Ethics American Society of Mechanical Engineers Code of Ethics American Mathematical Society Ethical Guidelines Association of Computer Machinery Code of Conduct Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Code of Ethics Codes From Student Organizations National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics The Engineer as a Global Citizen T he Engineer as a Global Citizen s What are the rights and responsibilities of What engineers? engineers? Generate class answers s Professional Responsibility P rofessional Responsibility s s s s s s Confidentiality and Propriety Confidentiality Information:Client privilege – business competitors. Responsibility to employers Responsibility for safety Conflict of Interest Environmental Ethics and the cost-benefit Environmental approach approach Computer ethics and copyright laws Example Discussing Values E xample Discussing Values It is important to establish exactly what It values are held by individual engineers. Express your viewpoints about the following issues. Does your opinion agree with the code of ethics of your engineering professional society? So here are 4 questions to trigger your mind. mind. Question 1 Q uestion 1 s Your boss tells you that you have to fire Your a worker who is regularly arriving nearly an hour late three mornings every week. You know that the worker’s lateness is caused by a difficult situation at home, what would you do? situation Question 2 Q uestion 2 s You find a confidential report at work that You shows your organization is seriously polluting the local environment. There is even suggestions that it is endangering the health of local residents. What do you do? do? Question 3 Q uestion 3 You are an industrial engineer. The You company owner is trying to compete with lower cost foreign production. You were asked by your manager to skip some declared testing (quality assurance steps) for saving time and rejects. What would you do? you s Question 4 Q uestion 4 s You are a mechanical engineer working You in a processing plant. The owner would like you to shut down the exhaust scrubber (filter) during the night shift to save on operating cost (hey LQQk: worse pollution is being generated daily by hundreds of taxis and buses running on diesel fuel). Would you do it? on ...
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