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Experiment 3: Voltage Dividers and Thévenin's Theorem Experiment 3 Voltage Dividers And Thévenin's Theorem In-Lab Report Measure and record in the Table A.1 below, the bleeder current I 1 , the voltages V B and V A , and the load resistance R L for each of the load conditions in the experiment 3 part A. Measured Values V (V) I L (mA) I 1 (mA) V B (V) V A (V) R L ( Ʈ ) 10 10 10 10 T ABLE A.1 After connecting the circuit of Fig. C.1, measure the open-circuit voltage
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Unformatted text preview: between points A and B. Open Circuit Voltage With the 15 V source in Fig. C.1 replaced by a short-circuit, measure the resistance between the AB terminals with the digital multimeter. Resistance AB Matched-Load Method: R TH V TH 6 4 2 Print Form 3.2 2.5K 2.52 1.71 0.85K 0.29K 0.89 1.79 3.45 5.09 6.706 2.768 2.09 1.42 0.74 5.4K Ʈ 4.47V 5.629 K Ʈ 4.53V...
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