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Sarah Karam ID # 200702037 AUB USER ID: sck05 Experiment 2: Pre-Lab Question 1: Define the main use of a breadboard. The breadboard is a plastic perforated board which is mainly used for building circuits on. Question 2: How many DC supply are there in the Tektronix PS280 and what are their voltage and current ranges? The Tektronix PS 280 power supply provides one fixed 5 Volt DC supply and two variable DC power supplies. Question 3: What type of electrical measurment can the Fluke 45DMM perform? It can measure AC and DC voltages and AC and DC currents. Question 4: What type of waveform can the HP Agilent 33120A supply?
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Unformatted text preview: It is a source of time-varying signals. It is capable of supplying three types of signals (square, triangle, and sine waves) with a variable frequency and a variable peak-to-peak voltage. Question 5: In the Tektronix TDS220 oscilloscope, what type of measurment does the"measure" function provide? It oscilloscope is the device that can display the signals in the time domain as well as it can also provide a number of measurements related to the signal we are trying to analyze, which are: peak-to-peak, RMS, frequency, period, and mean....
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