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Experiment 8-PostLab - not equal to zero and there is an...

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Q1. The amplifier can provide such power gain due to the presence of voltage gain produced by the composition of the amplifier that provides such gain. This does not mean that the efficiency is greater than 1 due to the fact of heat losses and the non-zero input current. Q2. Ideal op-amps are characterized for having infinite bandwidth. But this is not the case for non- ideal op-amps. They have a finite bandwidth which is caused by the fact that the input current is
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Unformatted text preview: not equal to zero and there is an input offset voltage. The input voltages limit the bandwidth of the amplifier. At high frequencies, the gain drops because of the drop of the voltage gain. Q3. There was distortion in the output voltage when the amplifier block was connected due to the fact that the amplifier block is affected by noise which causes such distortion. The drawbacks of such distortion are less efficiency and a negative effect on the gain....
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