post_lab_exp_9 - from the equation R ds =1/d(i d/d(v ds)=V...

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Q 1: In the ohmic region of the mosfet: I D =(2I dss /Vt^2)((v gs -V p )v ds -v ds ^2/2) If we are in this region than id versus V ds will be a staight line passing by the origin. for (v gs -v t )=2V, slope=0.05466A/V for(v gs -v t )=3V, slope=0.067466A/V for (v gs -v t )=4V, slope=0.0577A/V G raphs: 1. for (v gs -v t )=2 2. for(v gs -v t )=3V: 3. for (v gs -v t )=4V:
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Q 2: (V gs -v t ) : R ds (ohms): 2V 18.294 3V 14.82 4V 17.33 Q3: The inverse of the slope of i d versus V ds in the ohmic region gives us the value of the R. the more (v gs -v t ) increases the more R ds decreases. Q4: V DS <V GS -V T therefore the MOSFET is operating in the triode region. In the ohmic region, this region is called like that because the mosfet in this region act like a variable resistance. Q5: This equation describes a parabola passing through the origin and tangent to the point of pinchoff, for 0<v ds <(v gs -v p ) and for v gs >v p , the linear approximation of the linear resistor is valid
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Unformatted text preview: from the equation: R ds =1/d(i d )/d(v ds )=V p ^2/2i dss (v gs-v p )^2 Q6: Applications of a voltage controlled resistor: • variable resistance • small signal amplifier • switch Q7: Output voltages corresponding to logic 1 are:40.2mV(when v in1 =5V,v in2 =0) and 37.8mV(when v in1 =0,v in2 =5V) Output voltage corresponding to logic 0(v in1 =0,v in2 =0):4.3V Output voltage corresponding v in1 =5Vand v in2 =5V is:15.52mV we can observe that when both of the two input voltages are of logic 1 the output voltage is much smaller than when input is of logic 1 and the other of logic 0. Q8: When adding the 470 ohms the low voltage is decreased, increasing the resistor would lower the value of the output voltage. Q9: At V in =2.4V the output changes states....
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post_lab_exp_9 - from the equation R ds =1/d(i d/d(v ds)=V...

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