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Project - (between cam and flywheel and the motor shaft...

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Project – Fall 08-09 MECH 420 – Machine Design Figure1. Cam testing machine WARNING: Any two projects remotely similar in ANY way will get zero for both projects. You have been warned. Description: The machine in the drawing is a cam testing machine. You are required to design such a machine. The approximate dimensions of the machine are 1 m wide, 1.5 meters high and 1 meter in depth. The maximum rotational speed of the cam is 180 RPM. While the cam rotates at this speed the force induced on the cam-follower interface fluctuates between 25N and 10N. a) Using the theories you used in S&M, perform a full analysis on all the parts of your design including: a. Material types and dimensions, b. Stresses and Strengths of all parts c. Static failure analysis d. Fatigue failure analysis e. Items to consider include but are not limited to the base, beams, shafts
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Unformatted text preview: (between cam and flywheel, and the motor shaft), spring, pin (holding the Follower motion follower), bearings (on cam shaft), welds (on base), bolts, and jacking screws. f. Calculate the factors of safety for all parts in the design. b) Use a computer program to perform kinematic analysis of the different parts to ensure it suitable for the desired range of motion. c) Use a computer program such as Pro-E to analyze you structure vis-à-vis stresses and strengths and compare to the results you obtained in part (a). BONUS: Construct a scaled version of your product Notes: • State all your assumptions including what tensile specimens (material and size) you are designing for. • You do not have to analyze anything that you were not taught in class (i.e., worm gears, bearings, etc.). To deal with these issues, you can over-design them....
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Project - (between cam and flywheel and the motor shaft...

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