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Equipment Specifications for DEFIBRILLATOR WITH ECG Monitor UNSPSC Code: 42172101 ECRI Code: 17-116 1 Description of Function Sl Name 1.1 Defibrillator is required for reviving the heart functions by providing selected quantum of electrical shocks with facility for monitoring vital parameters. 2 Operational Requirements Sl Name 2.1 Defibrillator should be Bi- Phasic, light weight and latest model 2.2 Should monitor vital parameters and display them 2.3 Should print the ECG on thermal recorders. 2.4 Should work on Manual and Automated external defibrillation (AED) mode. Manual selection up to 270 J. 2.5 Should be capable of doing synchronized & asynchronized cardioversion 2.6 Can be operated from mains as well as battery 2.7 Should have defibrillator testing facility 2.8 Demonstration of the equipment is a must. 3 Technical Specifications Sl Name 3.1 Should be a Low Energy Biphasic defibrillator monitor with Recorder,
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having capability to arrest all arrhythmia within a maximum energy of 360 Joules 3.2 Should monitor ECG through paddles, pads and monitoring electrodes and Defibrillate through pads and paddles. Should have Automatic Lead switching to see patient ECG through paddles or leads 3.3 Should measure and compensate for chest impedance for a range of 25 to 150
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defibrillator_quality_control - Equipment Specifications...

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