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MECH430 Instrumentation and Measurements Najib Metni – Ali Ammouri – Elie Kfouri Module 4 Summer 2008 Page 1 Introduction to National Instrument’s LabVIEW Data Acquisition LEARNING OBJECTIVES o Learning to use Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) o Configure Data Acquisition Card o Acquire Data from sensors using DACs RESOURCES o Lab Modules on Moodle o LabVIEW 8.2 tutorial on Moodle o National instrument website: http://www.ni.com VOCABULARY Channel – A pin where Analog/Digital signals Enter/Leave DACs Channel Name A unique name assigned to a channel configuration in MAX Virtual channel – A shortcut to a configured channel in your system NI-DAQmx Channel – Virtual channels configured either in MAX or using the DAQ Assistant NI-DAQmx Task Represents a collection of one or more channels, timing, triggering, and other properties that apply to the task itself Task timing Refers to Acquiring/Generating a single sample, n samples, or continuous signal Task Triggering A trigger is a stimulus to start an action. On Input, the action is starting a waveform acquisition and on output the action is starting a sample generation. Three trigger options are available: reference trigger, pre-trigger, and post-trigger.
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MECH430 Instrumentation and Measurements Najib Metni – Ali Ammouri – Elie Kfouri Module 4 Summer 2008 Page 2 Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) MAX is a Windows software interface that provides access to all NI DAQ and GPIB devices. It is a configuration utility which provides a platform to establish all DAQ board and channel configuration parameters. It is also helpful in troubleshooting and self-calibration. MAX is installed by default when LabVIEW is installed. MAX utility reads information the Device Manager records in the Windows Registry and assigns a logical device Number ‘dev x’ to each DAQ board. This Device Number is used in LabVIEW to refer to the board. For Plug and Play (PnP) board, the Windows Configuration manager automatically detects and configures the board. To check Windows configuration: Right Click on My Computer and select Properties . Go to the Hardware Tab and click on Device Manager . Expand the Data Acquisition Devices item in the left menu tree to display the DACs installed on the computer. Double Click on the DAQ card you want to use (DAQ card 6024 E) to open the Properties of the DAC which contains the following Tabs: General – Displays general information about the DAQ card Resources – Used to specify system resources for the DAQ card (interrupt level, DMA, etc.) Driver – Specifies the driver version and location for the DAQ board Launching MAX Go to Start All Programs National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer Or simply Double click on the MAX icon on the desktop When MAX loads, it displays a primary MAX Window. Open Devices & Interfaces then the NI-DAQmx Devices in the configuration tree and highlight the installed DAQ board PCI-6024 E. A device number ‘
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M4_SM08 - MECH430 Instrumentation and Measurements Najib...

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