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Assignment-3 - Proc 33rd Conf on Decision and Control...

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MECH646 Wheeled Mobile Robots Danielle Sami Nasrallah Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Architecture American University of Beirut 2010-12-09
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ASSIGNMENT 3 Position and Orientation Control of a Cart-Like Robot This assignment is based on the following paper: J. Guldner and V. I. Utkin, “Stabilization of Non-Holonomic Mobile Robots using Lya- punov Functions for Navigation and Sliding Mode Control”,
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Unformatted text preview: Proc. 33rd Conf. on Decision and Control, Buena-Vista, Florida, Dec. 1994. 1. Implement the controller developed in this paper in the simulink file for Cart-like robot 2. Check the validiy of the controller by driving to the origin the cart-like robot from four distincts positions located in the four quadrants 3. Check the correctness of eq. 13 in page 2970. Correct it if need be....
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