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Assets   =  Liabilities + Owner's Equity Accounts Receivable Turnover  = Net Credit Sales/Average Net Receivables, where  Average Receivables  = (Beginning Net Receivables  Balance + Ending Net Receivables Balance)/2 Average Sales Per Day  = Credit Sales or Total Sales/365 Average Collection Period  = Accounts Receivable/Average Sales Per Day Asset Turnover Ratio = Total Revenue/Average Assets for Period Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities  Debt Equity Ratio = Debt/Owner's Equity Gross Profit Margin  = Gross Profit/Sales Interest Coverage Ratio  =Operating Income/Interest Expense Inventory Turnover Ratio
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Unformatted text preview: = Cost of Goods Sold/Average Inventory The Leverage Ratio = Assets/Owner's Equity ; Net Profit Margin = Net Income/Sales ; Operating Margin = Operating Income/Sales The Quick Ratio = (Current Assets - Inventory - Prepaid Expenses)/Current Liabilities Return on Assets = Net Income/Total Assets ROE = Net Income/Average Stockholders or Owners Equity, where Average Equity = (Beginning Equity + Ending Equity)/2 ; Working Capital = Current Assets - Current Liabilities . = per Unit Cost (Variable Costs Budgeted Total + Produced) Units of No. Costs Fixed Budgeted ....
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