AIRPLANE-PROJECT - To: S. Scott Moor From: Sumo Date:...

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To: S. Scott Moor From: Sumo Date: February 7, 2009 Subject: Problem Formulation – Paper Airplane Simulator Project Problem Definition: Table 1: Overall goal of the project along with detailed goals and its specifications. Detailed goals are more general and the specifications is what really tells if the goal was reached or not. Overall Goal The goal for this assignment is to find out the best possible combination of the three independent variables that will result in the ‘ideal flight’. The ‘ideal flight’ is the one in which the airplane travels a distance greater or equal to ninety feet, makes between one and two revolutions, travels in a height between fifteen and thirty feet and also have a time aloft greater than seven seconds. One of the constraints of the assignment is that only seventy-five runs can be recorded. Moreover, there is no equation or formula that relates the three independent variables, which makes the task much more difficult. Detailed Goals Specifications 1. Make the airplane fly the greatest possible distance. The distance should be greater or equal to 90 feet. 2. The airplane has to do a loop. The revolutions should be between 1 and 2. 3. The airplane should fly in a decent height The maximum altitude should be between 15 and 30 feet. 4. The airplane has to be for a decent period of time in the air. The minimum time aloft should be 7 seconds. Table 1
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AIRPLANE-PROJECT - To: S. Scott Moor From: Sumo Date:...

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