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LF155 - LF155/LF156/LF256/LF257/LF355/LF356/LF357 JFET...

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LF155/LF156/LF256/LF257/LF355/LF356/LF357 JFET Input Operational Amplifiers General Description These are the first monolithic JFET input operational ampli- fiers to incorporate well matched, high voltage JFETs on the same chip with standard bipolar transistors (BI-FET Tech- nology). These amplifiers feature low input bias and offset currents/low offset voltage and offset voltage drift, coupled with offset adjust which does not degrade drift or common-mode rejection. The devices are also designed for high slew rate, wide bandwidth, extremely fast settling time, low voltage and current noise and a low 1/f noise corner. Features Advantages n Replace expensive hybrid and module FET op amps n Rugged JFETs allow blow-out free handling compared with MOSFET input devices n Excellent for low noise applications using either high or low source impedance—very low 1/f corner n Offset adjust does not degrade drift or common-mode rejection as in most monolithic amplifiers n New output stage allows use of large capacitive loads (5,000 pF) without stability problems n Internal compensation and large differential input voltage capability Applications n Precision high speed integrators n Fast D/A and A/D converters n High impedance buffers n Wideband, low noise, low drift amplifiers n Logarithmic amplifiers n Photocell amplifiers n Sample and Hold circuits Common Features n Low input bias current: 30pA n Low Input Offset Current: 3pA n High input impedance: 10 12 n Low input noise current: n High common-mode rejection ratio: 100 dB n Large dc voltage gain: 106 dB Uncommon Features LF155/ LF355 LF156/ LF256/ LF356 LF257/ LF357 (A V =5) Units j Extremely fast settling time to 0.01% 4 1.5 1.5 μs j Fast slew rate 5 12 50 V/μs j Wide gain bandwidth 2.5 5 20 MHz j Low input noise voltage 20 12 12 Simplified Schematic 00564601 * 3pF in LF357 series. BI-FET , BI-FET II are trademarks of National Semiconductor Corporation. December 2001 LF155/LF156/LF256/LF257/LF355/LF356/LF357 JFET Input Operational Amplifiers © 2001 National Semiconductor Corporation DS005646 www.national.com
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Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/Distributors for availability and specifications. LF155/6 LF256/7/LF356B LF355/6/7 Supply Voltage ± 22V ± 22V ± 18V Differential Input Voltage ± 40V ± 40V ± 30V Input Voltage Range (Note 2) ± 20V ± 20V ± 16V Output Short Circuit Duration Continuous Continuous Continuous T JMAX H-Package 150˚C 115˚C 115˚C N-Package 100˚C 100˚C M-Package 100˚C 100˚C Power Dissipation at T A = 25˚C (Notes 1, 8) H-Package (Still Air) 560 mW 400 mW 400 mW H-Package (400 LF/Min Air Flow) 1200 mW 1000 mW 1000 mW N-Package 670 mW 670 mW M-Package 380 mW 380 mW Thermal Resistance (Typical) θ JA H-Package (Still Air) 160˚C/W 160˚C/W 160˚C/W H-Package (400 LF/Min Air Flow) 65˚C/W 65˚C/W 65˚C/W N-Package 130˚C/W 130˚C/W M-Package 195˚C/W 195˚C/W (Typical) θ JC H-Package 23˚C/W 23˚C/W 23˚C/W Storage Temperature Range -65˚C to +150˚C -65˚C to +150˚C -65˚C to +150˚C Soldering Information (Lead Temp.) Metal Can Package Soldering (10 sec.) 300˚C 300˚C 300˚C Dual-In-Line Package Soldering (10 sec.)
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