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Unformatted text preview: Compiled by Prof. Andri Smith, Quinnipiac College Hybridization of Carbon: Three Possibilities All carbon atoms start out with the same ground state and end up with the same excited state ... energy px s py pz promotion px s py pz hybridization ground state of carbon atom excited state of carbon atom After attaining the excited state, there are three possibilities for hybridization, depending on the number of electron domains required by the specific molecule. # of e- domains hybridization relative orbital energy levels hybridization sp3 s excited state of carbon atom sp3 hybridized carbon atom hybridization sp2 s excited state of carbon atom sp2 hybridized carbon atom hybridization sp excited state of carbon atom sp sp hybridized carbon atom shape example px py pz 4 sp3 sp3 sp3 sp3 tetrahedral methane, ethane px py pz pz sp2 sp2 3 sp2 trigonal planar ethane (ethylene) px py pz py pz 2 sp s linear ethyne (acetylene) ...
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