Lecture Political Culture

Lecture Political Culture - human dignity have become part...

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Lecture Political Culture 1. Political Culture is the orientations of citizens toward their political system. It is the product of political socialization. 2. Political culture is not political ideology. Political ideology is an integrated set of political beliefs. Political culture refers to beliefs that are very widely held, but not with any great awareness or introspection. They are accumulated from the socialization process but not often related one to the other. 3. Our culture has three primary origins: a. the Enlightenment: a period of faith in reason (rationality), belief in progress (esp. Scientific), and a positive valuing of liberty, equality and fraternity b. Christianity: basic values like free will (freedom), justice, equality,
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Unformatted text preview: human dignity have become part of our culture. c. American Practices: participation in politics and government, belief in majority rule, elections. 4. Some Values Central to our Political Culture: a. Democracy b. Liberty and Individualism c. Equality d. Limited Government e. Populism f. Piety . 5. Some representative beliefs that may have direct real-life consequences: a. progress is good, bigger is better b. middle of the roadism c. hard work leads to success d. government can be improved primarily by electing better people e. citizenship is a duty, an obligation A Note on Political Sub-Cultures: Three Types a. Individualistic b. Moralistic c. Traditional...
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Lecture Political Culture - human dignity have become part...

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