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Lecture The Media - Coverage of Campaigns a increasingly...

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Lecture The Media Major functions: a. information distribution (big question, who gets info?) b. agenda-setting (gate-keeping): deciding what people need to know Extent of newpaper circulation Radio listeners Television network news ratings. Young viewers . Cable show leaders . Cable news ratings . Tendency to focus on: a. "crises" b. "problems" Bias? Biases? a. "liberal" bias among reporters Some research . Some other research. b. "conservative" bias among owners c. negative bias overall d. in political campaigns an anti-incumbent, pro-underdog bias?
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Unformatted text preview: Coverage of Campaigns a. increasingly more negative over time b. journalist/candidate camera/air time switch c. policy scheme/game scheme d. horse race coverage Evaluation a. who monitors media (attentive vs. Mass public) b. how much impact? (temporary? Small?) c. how much manipulation from elites? (spin control) Areas of concern: a. non-issues b. desensitization c. candidate scrutiny (who's perfect?) What Americans know (or knew) ....
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