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Slide36 - Supplementaly Mathematics The Mathematics of...

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Unformatted text preview: Supplementaly Mathematics: The Mathematics of lWave-like Paltieles: - l I//(x,t)= Ce” 0: = —(px—EI) h NOWE and p are related: 2 (unlike the parameters for the E = P— traveling wave problem) 2m By simple substitutionwe find this time that for the wave-like particle the first time derivative (3pr is equal to the second derivative of yIWith respect to x. 2 2 _ . . ' . dc" du u . 311/ h a W Note. this is for a fi ee partiele — : — 3 1h — = — — 2 (1.e.110t movmg 111 a potentlal) dx dx at 2m ax and is for 1—dimensi011. ...
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