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psy EXAM REVIEW september 22 2009

psy EXAM REVIEW september 22 2009 - Know the major names...

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EXAM REVIEW september 22 2009 About 60 questions scantron Difference between correlation and causation Some material in book that will be on test Review questions on courseweb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Connect plus questions Stuff on test::: History of psychology Introductory material Test leans towards biology and sensation and perception info No labeling and diagramming Know the brain injury shit What diff parts of the brain are responsible for and what happens if they are injured
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Unformatted text preview: Know the major names and who is associated with what theory Know the neurotransmitters and what they do Read chapter on eyes and what we did on the 22 nd , the 5 th chapter? Know the visual system Know people associated with movements--------william w KNOW THE PARTS OF THE BRAIN REALLLLLY WELLLLLLLLLLL Top down processing, bottom up processing...
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