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Psych notes Health Psychology Textbook pages, focus on: Pages: 608-614; 618-628 Health Psychology devoted to understanding the psychological influences of o how people stay healthy, o why they become ill, and o how they respond when they do get ill stressors can influence our general overall health biological factors o infectious agents o environmental toxin o genetic predisposition o physiological reactivity o immune response psychological (behavioral factors) o stress o coping tactics o personality o health related habits o reactions to illness Social (system) factors o Medical care o Sanitation o Pollution control o Health education o Social support Stress and Stressors Stress: the process of adjusting to circumstances that disrupt, or threaten to disrupt, a person’s equilibrium o Stress involves a transaction between people and their environments o We refer to stress as a stimulus when we make statements such as: I’ve got a lot of stress sin my life right now. I have three exams next week, I lost my class notes
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o Stress can also be a response that has cognitive, physiological, and behavioral components I’m feeling stressed out. I’m tensed up
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psych notes health psycholoty - Psych notes Health...

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