psych notes motivation and emotion from erica

psych notes motivation and emotion from erica -...

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Unformatted text preview: Motivation & Emotion What to focus on • Pages in textbook o Motivation 393-407 o Emotion 414-424 What is motivation? • Motivation: the factors that influence the initiation, direction, intensity, and persistence of behavior • Motivation cannot be directly observed, it is inferred from what can be observed Two Types of Drives • Primary Drives: stemming from biological needs o e.g., the need for foot or water • Secondary Drives: learned drives (wants) o e.g., money Maslow’s hierarchy of needs • before more sophisticated higher order needs can be met, certain primary needs must be satisfied • motivation progresses up the pyramid from the best, most fundamental biological needs to higher-order needs Self actualizations (state of self fulfillment) Esteem (need to develop a sense of self worth) Love and belongingness (need to obtain and give affection) Safety needs (the need for a safe and secure environment) Physiological needs (primary drives: needs for water, food, sleep, and sex) The Motivation of Hunger and Eating: Biological Factors • Brain regulation o Lateral and ventromedial hypothalamus If lateral hypothalamus damaged you will lose ability to regulate hunger o Paraventricular nucleus (regulate signals relating to hunger) o Hypothalamus controls are basic urges and desires so it plays a role in sleep, eating, hunger, sex, and emotion; also controls and regulates hormone secretion • Glucose and digestive regulation o Glucostatic theory As we maintain more glucose, the signals from the glucose tell use when we are hungry...
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psych notes motivation and emotion from erica -...

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