Gender Notes. - *Gender-Relevant topic women majority in...

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8/25/10 ***Gender: -Relevant topic- women majority in workforce. -51% total US population. Global economy. Multicultural -diversity in workplace is a differentiator Theorist -Seminal theorist (Grandfather). Erick Erickson, Daniel Levinson, Donald Super-all draw parallels between men and women’s aspects of development. -Stage based theorists -Levinson is noted for efforts of development of both men and women in books. -0-22 pre-adulthood- 17-22. .dream for life for men is formed. -40-65-midlife crises occurs, reaping rewards of your work. -60+ late adulthood ERICKSON’s -age stage. Widespread and influential. Sequential. Apply to men and women. KOHLBERG -based on 6 stage sequential. Moral dilemma needs to be resolved to progress. Begins with the individual perspective and comes full circle back to the individual. MASLOW GOTTFREDSON’s theory of circumscription -aligns males and females to certain professions based on their gender. Says 14 yrs and older begin to find their place in society using internal goals and concepts of self as their criteria for self definition and determining their career choice. Depends on your socialization-what you want to do. HOLLAND’s typology model: -Is similar to Gottfredson’s but is based on matching interest with work. -Role theory: Where our everyday activity is based on acting out of the socially defined categories (mother/father) -Social Role: THE SET OF DUTIES, EXPECTATIONS, NORMS AND BEHAVIORS THAT A PERSON IS TO FEEL
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SUPER: psychology of career -He acknowledged women’s careers are different. Women’s role as child bearer was her pivotal role therefore defining homemaking her career. -Life-career rainbow 1980. Many aspects of our lives. Allows for the incorporation of attributes that make up your life. Later added principal theaters: home, community, school, and workplace. Stress occurs when combining unrelated theater (bringing work home). *Sex vs. Gender: Sex is your physical and gender is from inside out. Gender is socially constructed. Gender roles. Gender is more dynamic. Gender can contradict biological sex. Gender is psychological. Gender: Psychological and social ramifications of being biologically male or female.
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Gender Notes. - *Gender-Relevant topic women majority in...

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