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notes feb 2 - COMM 230 2/2/10 Narrative paradigm is a way...

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Unformatted text preview: COMM 230 2/2/10 Narrative paradigm is a way in which we tell arguments Factors that effect the narrative paradigm-certain biases or intentions that we are trying to convey intentionally or unintentionally -error in recalling parts of the story-credibility of the presenter -lack of truth in what is being said Ways in evaluating the accuracy in the narrative paradigm according to Walter Fisher-narrative probability: the process by which we evaluate the story depending on internal factors to determine the accuracy of it -whether the story itself can stand on its own -is the story even believable in the 1 st place?-narrative fidelity: process by which we establish the credibility of a story based on external factors-we use what we already know about the specific context to establish whether the story is believable -evaluating the narrative based on past narratives When not to engage in an argumentation-when one does not have knowledge about the subject-depending on the person, example your boss or law enforcement officials-there is no real issue to discuss-may not find the actual topic controversial enough to engage in an exchange 2/4/10 In an argument, there are a set of claims you need to evaluate to determine if it is effective 4 elements of stock issues 1. Ill/Harms: the statement of the flaw that exists in the status quo 2. Blame/Inherency: the thing preventing the ills from being solved in the status quo-structural inherency: a structure in place that is preventing the ill from being solvedinstrumental element preventing the ill -attitudinal inherency: an attitude held that prevents the ill from being solved 3. Cure: the remedy to the ill 4. Cost: what the advantages and disadvantages may be Fallacies Red herring: an irrelevant topic is brought to light to divert attention...
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notes feb 2 - COMM 230 2/2/10 Narrative paradigm is a way...

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