exam 1 - COMM401 RHETORIC o o o o The art of using language...

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COMM401 RHETORIC o The art of using language to help people narrow their choices among specifiable, if not specified, policy options. o Rhetoric is an active art, It’s creative NOT a science. o Rhetoric sets humans apart from other species o 5 P’s: Things tend to be rhetoric if they are… PUBLIC have an audience larger than 1 PROPOSITIONAL rhetoric advances a proposition (a claim) and an argument to support it Has an argumentative structure, advances a proposition and supports it somehow PURPOSIVE has a purpose Distinguishes it from things like poetry Trying to get something done PROBLEM-SOLVING comes about because there is a problem it’s trying to fix PRAGMATIC practical/grounded/get something done POETIC an art, pretty POWERFUL has an impact in the world Approaches to Rhetoric (instrumental approach vs. Constitutive approach) o INSTRUMENTAL APPROACH rhetoric is a tool to solve a problem o CONSTITUTIVE APPROACH rhetoric influences our world view/it shapes how we see the world RHETORICAL CRITICISM is the business of identifying the complications of rhetoric and then unpacking or explain them in comprehensive and efficient manner o Rhetorical tests are complicated; there is an orderly way of describing these complications; and the best criticism describes them elegantly
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Stages of Criticism o DESCRIBE what do I see? What is this made of? What are its parts Example: this is a wood based structure, which holds white circular items o INTREPRET what does it do? How does it work? Example: I think there is no purpose to this structure, perhaps it’s a piece of artwork or maybe it’s a wind chime o EVALUATE How well does it do it? Is it good/bad, beautiful/ugly, likeable/objectionable, etc? Passing Judgement Example: If it’s a piece of artwork it isn’t very beautiful but it is unique I can’t tell if its makes noise in the wind
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exam 1 - COMM401 RHETORIC o o o o The art of using language...

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