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exam 1 review guide fall 2010

exam 1 review guide fall 2010 - COMM 401 Maddux Exam 1...

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COMM 401 -- Maddux Exam 1 Thursday October 5, 2010 This exam is worth 15% of your grade. It will consist of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. It will test your comprehension of the material as well as your ability to apply it. terms—you should be able to define these terms and, where appropriate, provide an example or recognize them in an example that I provide rhetoric Definitions o Text book definition Art-strategic and thoughtful skill involved Different than science. Doesn’t have right/wrong or specific way o Policy options-options of what you’re going to do and not Policy can be when to do dishes, keep on top of reading The way we live our lives o Isocrates Early theorist of rhetoric Rhetoric is talent, gift, ability to do something o Plato Knack-gift/talent that you have or don’t Treated like trickery- trying to trick audience Entertainers not intellectual or thoughtful Contemporaries= deception o Aristotle Broader terms suggesting rhetoric could be only available means Persuasion, changing someone’s mind o Cicero Persuasion theme through all definitions o Kenneth Burke (contemporary theorist in 20 th c) Symbols- could be words not fists Inducing cooperation-trying to get them to do something Sounds more peaceful Humans- respond to symbols but animals don’t Separate humans from animals o Rhetoric definition: Bitzer Distinguishing between 2 things Alters reality Doesn’t alter reality with application with energy to objects o Ex. Burn a piece of paper, painting, cooking, chair sitting in if applied energy to it could break it o Change the reality by applying energy to it
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Changes reality but not in a physical reality because it alters the way we think about the objects and the world around us o Ex. Alter the reality of your desk without physical energy and use language Convince someone to sit on flat wooden part other than chair Tell to go underneath desk and called it bomb shelter How it is conveyed- symbols or language Could be broader than language Use images Written texts Body language Broad definition of symbols that could count as rhetoric 5 Ps o Public o Propositional Advances a claim or idea you want to convince other people of o Purposive Has a purpose. Poetry is expressive but no purpose o Problem-solving Comes about because there is a problem in the world o Pragmatic Grounded, practical, with a purpose and has artistic qualities o Poetic Pretty with a purpose and has artistic qualities o Powerful Has an impact on the world, get something done Examples o Sarah Palin speech- restoring honor= Rhetoric o Al Sharpton- “we’re not there yet”=Rhetoric o Saved by the bell- no dope with hope=Rhetoric instrumental and constitutive Approaches to rhetoric o Instrumental approach Instrument used to achieve a purpose Assume tool used to solve a problem Ex. African children shelter
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