notes - Barack obamas A more perfect union speech...

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Barack obama’s A more perfect union speech Rhetorical situation o March 2008 o Persuasive field Clinton and obama running against each other Split pretty evenly Clinton said obama won SC cause he was black Obama had financial advantage Clinton said she won’t back down Clinton won ohio, RI, and texas March 11 completely equal, stailmate, 6 week breatk In early march clips started appearing on you tube of jeramiah right pastor Obamass preacher jeremiah wright saying god damn america Obama said his church was not controversial In 1984 ferraro was fierst woman to run for vice president and was helping Clinton o Rhetor Junior delegate from Illinois Seen as inexperienced and too young Accused of being too black and not black enough o Setting Right near liberty bell Near many important monuments Covered live on TV Arrangement o Chronological
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P2 “two hundred and twenty one years” P58, P40 more perfect union P8-11 talks about growing up and his life, first month and last couple weeks of campaign P15 history of pastor wright, history and chronology of church trinity P42 a calling to move forward o Elimination P43-43 says one option is to dismiss racism, subject and issue o Structural level antithesis Black anger vs. white anger P29-37 Past present future Uses large scale antithesis but finds resolution Uses antithesis when showing how he doesn’t agree with all of wrights comments o Chronological and structural antithesis interpretation Create distinct opposition and proposes a resolution Talks about issues beyond race
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notes - Barack obamas A more perfect union speech...

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